I think I was doing a lot of turning, and I asked myself, what is this about? The idea about why I was doing a lot of round turning was… It is like… your life is like unravelling a thread, from a spool of creation.

A labyrinth, yes, a labyrinth is a construction… I am sure you have seen one… It’s like you start one place and you have to find a pathway through… to the other side of it. There was one but it doesn’t look like to me, that it is there anymore, I don’t know why, maybe somehow it got in the way of the construction they are doing.

I heard something suddenly, that wasn’t there before

It’s a collage of words … and letters, some of them are upside down but it doesn’t matter, because you know, now it became something different – here it says… programs, I see the word programs

Here it says… interesting… here it says musician, ha ha ha, musician, oh, here is the word brought b-r-o-u-g-h-t into… brought into. Here is the number 10.30 and here is an N. And here it says shake – or – make, it says make. Here it says nr like number. Its lovely, very interesting. Oh, here’s the word your Y-O-U-R. It becomes something different. I wish I could see it. Right here it says Bay and here – we would have to turn it around- it says friends.

But you know, the desire to be able to do something. Like the last thing at night, when I am really awake and I am laying in the dark but I am wide awake, more awake than I have been in 3 or 4 days and just wishing that you could do something to bring everybody together.

Thanks to Daniel, Fanny and Suzanna